On the Retirement of Judge Margie McCullough

As was reported yesterday in the AZ Daily Sun, Margaret McCullough, Coconino County’s Juvenile Court Judge, recently retired after 25 years of service. As some of you know, she began her career in law at our firm. One of our founding partners, Patrice Horstman, has the following words for our friend, Margie:

Congratulations to Judge McCullough on her well deserved retirement. I knew her when she was known simply as Margie. A couple decades ago, Margie joined Ben Hufford and myself and became part of the law firm that is now known as Hufford, Horstman, Mongini, Parnell & Tucker, P.C. Margie then, and now, remains a committed member of our community, specializing in representing those that were hurting or needing some understanding and advocating for those whose voice was not often heard. Early on, Margie, and our firm, was awarded the juvenile contract, advocating for young people who found themselves caught up in the criminal justice system. Margie was compassionate, but not a push over. She had high expectations and occasionally “laid down the law” for these young clients. Her passion for making a difference in their lives lead her to accepting the first juvenile judgeship in Coconino County. With great regret for our loss, we acknowledged that the County could not have picked a better juvenile judge. She has done this community proud and has made a difference in so many young people’s lives. Thank you Margie for your commitment, dedication, intellect and perseverance. Mostly, thank you Margie, for being Margie.”

—Patrice Horstman

Ian Parlaman