Presentations Abound

                Summer is almost over, and we are hard at work here at Hufford and Horstman. This week we are presenting on several topics during various Grant School Orientations. Specifically, Samantha Kelty will be discussing the topics of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Employee Social Media vs. Free Speech, Personnel Policies, Student Search and Seizure, and Student Discipline. Claire DeChambre will be covering the topics of HIPAA/FERPA, Ethics, Sexual Harassment, and Social Media. And finishing up our wide selection of presentations, Kristen Dikeman will present on Workplace Harassment.

                Then, in the upcoming 42nd Annual ASBA Law Conference (which features our very own Ben Hufford on its main page) the H&H stars will be presenting. On Thursday, September 6th, Patrice Horstman & Steve Highlen will lead a panel titled Legal Issues Relating to Superintendent Searches, and shortly after on that day, Ben Hufford & Julie Bacon will present on It’s Not Me, It’s Them: The Dissenting Board Member. Lastly, on Friday, September 7th, you can see our associates, Claire DeChambre & Nathan Schott, present on Tinker in the 21st Century: Student Walkouts and Protests.  We have been working hard on these presentations and hope to see some of you out there. It will be out of this world!


Ian Parlaman