Woman of Distinction

Two days ago, Patrice Horstman, community leader, dog rescuer, political activist, co-founder of this law firm, and Girl Scout was honored as Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts’s Woman of Distinction for 2018. Those in attendance were treated to kind and reverential words about Ms. Horstman from women of influence: community leader Kerry Blume, GSACPC Board Chair Teri Kelley, and Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans.

Following this, Patrice Horstman stood for recognition, and to deliver the keynote speech. The assembled admirers of Ms. Horstman applauded and cheered as she conveyed her appreciation for the Girl Scouts of America, her parents, and inspiring women in her life that gave her the drive to become who she is today. She told how she learned that women could play competitive sports, become astronauts and practice law because that’s what Girl Scouts do, and by the end of her speech, she had rallied her audience to shout along with her, that changing the world for the better is what we all should do because “that’s what Girl Scouts do.” She left the podium to a standing ovation, clearly having made her mark on everybody there, not just today, but over the past 45 years.

For more please check out our gallery of the event. We’re so proud of you, Patrice. Thanks for everything you do!

Ian Parlaman
Big Day

We are excited that our very own Patrice Horstman is receiving Arizona School Board Association's John R. McDonald award for 2018, and we could not be more proud! Follow this link for a short video put together by the fine people at ASBA in her honor. Way to go Patrice!


Ian Parlaman
Fond Farewells and Future Functions

Hufford and Horstman has had an eventful month! We recently had a celebration in honor of the semi-retirement of two of our esteemed partners, Eve Parnell and Gehl Tucker. These two have been a fixture in our practice for many years, serving our community and shaping not just the practice, but making an impact that can be seen all across northern Arizona. We wish them a relaxing and fulfilling retirement, and are grateful that they are both staying with us in an of counsel relationship. Thanks again for so many years of talented, empathetic, and passionate service you two!

In less bittersweet news, our very own Patrice Horstman is being honored September 12th at the Little America Hotel, for the Women of Distinction Awards. This is an event held by the Girl Scouts of America to “celebrate, recognize, and honor outstanding women and young women who have experienced the power of Girl Scouting in their lives and made significant contributions to their community.” Tickets are available here.

Finally, the ASBA conference is almost upon us. Please join us Thursday, September 6th, to see Woman of Distinction Patrice Horstman & Steve Highlen leading the Legal Issues Relating to Superintendent Searches panel, followed by Ben Hufford & Julie Bacon presenting It’s Not Me, It’s Them: The Dissenting Board Member. Finishing up the H&H presentations, will be associate attorneys, Claire DeChambre & Nathan Schott, on Friday, September 7th with Tinker in the 21st Century: Student Walkouts and Protests. You can get tickets here, and we hope to see as many of you in attendance as possible.

Ian Parlaman
Presentations Abound

                Summer is almost over, and we are hard at work here at Hufford and Horstman. This week we are presenting on several topics during various Grant School Orientations. Specifically, Samantha Kelty will be discussing the topics of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Employee Social Media vs. Free Speech, Personnel Policies, Student Search and Seizure, and Student Discipline. Claire DeChambre will be covering the topics of HIPAA/FERPA, Ethics, Sexual Harassment, and Social Media. And finishing up our wide selection of presentations, Kristen Dikeman will present on Workplace Harassment.

                Then, in the upcoming 42nd Annual ASBA Law Conference (which features our very own Ben Hufford on its main page) the H&H stars will be presenting. On Thursday, September 6th, Patrice Horstman & Steve Highlen will lead a panel titled Legal Issues Relating to Superintendent Searches, and shortly after on that day, Ben Hufford & Julie Bacon will present on It’s Not Me, It’s Them: The Dissenting Board Member. Lastly, on Friday, September 7th, you can see our associates, Claire DeChambre & Nathan Schott, present on Tinker in the 21st Century: Student Walkouts and Protests.  We have been working hard on these presentations and hope to see some of you out there. It will be out of this world!


Ian Parlaman
Happy Birthday America

Recently, we here at the firm were happy to enjoy the Fourth of July Parade on the steps outside of our lovely building. We are grateful that we were able to spend some time with the local community in a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to all the great people involved in the parade for giving us the opportunity to have such a fun time! We have attached a few pictures to the bottom of this newsletter so please look them over!

Of course it is not all parties and parades here. At this very moment the NAGSA Summer Conference is in full swing, and our Partner, Samantha Kelty, is presenting on Open Meeting Law, while Associate, Kristen Dikeman, is presentating on Special Education Law. For more information on NAGSA and their conferences, please visit their website.

Here are a couple pictures from the parade involving local heroes such as Captain America, Smokey the Bear, and of course, the city council. For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery.

Ian Parlaman
Recent News

It is time for the Museum of Northern Arizona’s 12th Annual Gala Weekend! Hufford and Horstman is proud to sponsor a table at the gala.  “Tselani/Terrain: Tapestries of D.Y. Begay,” an exhibition of Navajo textiles premiers at the gala.  D.Y. Begay is described as follows: “[t]his internationally recognized master weaver draws inspiration for her contemporary textiles from the distinctly beautiful landscape surrounding her home, Tselani, on the Navajo nation.” After the gala and auction, the exhibit is to be on display between June 17th and November 1st at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Recently, on May 10th and 11th, at the Heinfeld & Meech Grant School Conference in Laughlin, Nevada, Gehl Tucker presented “Informal Mediation or:  How to Solve Difficult Problems without Paying a Lawyer,” and Samantha B. Kelty presented, “Student Discipline, Special Education Discipline, and Student Threat Assessments:  How to ‘See Through’ the Issues.

Closer to home, a few new faces are lighting up the hallways of the Hufford and Horstman offices. Jenna Heguy has been hard at work assisting Patrice Horstman since mid-February, and we’re very grateful to have her. More recently, we’ve welcomed Kristen Dikeman as our new associate attorney.  We are lucky and proud to have such stellar individuals keeping H&H on track.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Nathan Schott for passing the Navajo Nation Bar Exam!

Ian Parlaman